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Online Business

CiteeShop helps businesses to build beautiful anduser-friendly web store quick and easily!

Detailed product cataloging

eCommerce merchants cannot afford to forgo product catalog management. Today’s customers demand rich, consistent product information from all retailers. eCommerce merchants must meet these expectations if they want a foothold among fierce competition. Our technology enables you to effectively manage your catalog with nothing left out.

Comparative Statistics

The secret to success in eCommerce is no longer just get it out there and see how it performs. The most successful retailers are the ones who keep a detailed statistics how they perform day to day. This helps them detect when something is wrong or when they need to change strategy, they also what strategies worked and what does not. This guarantees them constant success.

Your store statistics is plotted in a graph where you can see your level of performance as a business monthly and yearly. You can see your comparative performance for an unlimited period. You want to see how far you've progressed in sales and conversion the last ten years? Welcome aboard.


Your store design should speak for you. Classy premium designs gives your customers some level of confidence that you are legit and ready for business.

We give you wide range of options in store design. all you to do is just pick your favorite design and your store transforms in one single click. You have the full control to create pages and edit some pages on your theme. Picking and implementing designs have never been easier.


Successful eCommerce merchants owe it not only to their strategies, but also to business tools that made such strategies work effectively. The eCommerce world requires not just an online store, you also need various tools to work with to enable a perfect business environment. This tools make your business interact with your customers seamlessly and keeps them coming back.

You have access to various tools in your app store right in your panel. When you require a tool, all you need is a one click install and you are ready to rock and roll.

Restrictive access & Audit trails

At CiteeShop, we are concerned about the value we add to your business. We provide you with ready to use technology to effectively take your business to the next level. This is why we cannot compromise the level of quality of technology we give to you.

CiteeShop gives a store that is built with enterprise enabled technology. You can onboard your team anytime with restrictive administrative access to help specialize and monitor your team. You also have access to audit trails of each team member over a particular period to track their activities.